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Moldova‘s Stability First, Political Spinning After

Moldova‘s Stability First, Political Spinning After

13 Ianuarie 2016
Moldova is in a very difficult situation, our citizens do not deserve what is happening, and it's all due to political wrangling. The situation will get worse, unless parties show a sense of national interest and leaders prove their vision; there is no more room for political egos, the solution lies in respecting the parliamentary reality, and the constitutional framework, clarified recently by the Constitutional Court. 
Any political play outside the Constitutional and legal framework, whether from the President or some other actors is proof of disrespect for the rule of law, Moldovan citizens and international partners. Of course, we all have our affinities, we want different people as Prime Ministers, but there are rules to the political game, namely the Constitutional, Moldova is not the Wild-Wild East. Different parties are engaged in political spinning, but this is going too far, for Moldova's sake. It may be cool to cherry pick, but times are too difficult for joking and experiments, which end up in failure, like Sturza's case, simply because they do not have electoral legitimacy and parliamentary representation.
What the country needs right now is a team with clear priorities and a strong sense of purpose, namely stabilizing Moldova by bringing it back on its EU reforms track. This is the only realistic way to bring back trust from both our citizens and our international partners. What Moldova for sure can live without is a chorus of politicians whining that the country is stuck. The truth is the country is not stuck, some of its politicians are and they tend to take us prisoners to their wishes: there are strong premises for a new Prime Minister, supported by a pro-European, reform-minded majority, around the PDM. Ignoring this is ignoring the country‘s political and constitutional reality, a mistake that we hope the President will not do again. 
Any candidate and any party, or coalition, should be judged on merits not just words. The former coalition has failed, it's a matter of fact, a new coalition deserves a chance, not just upright cynicism and scare games from detractors. But in order to be assesed on its merits, the new majority deserves the opportunity to govern: we have the numbers in Parliament and we are committed to reform beyond any alternative spinning from political opponents. The important thing is to choose wisely and our choice and votes remain one for stability. We can reverse the vicious circle affecting Moldova in the past year and turn it into a virtuous one, based on policy delivery and better communications with our citizens and international partners.
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